Poligono Mediorentale - Francesco Cito e Luciano Laghi Benelli

Many years have passed since the first steps towards the Middle Eastern world occupied by the Soviets, which has shown me along paths and mountains, rivers and deserts of Afghanistan.
Clandestine and accompanied by a crew, a term abused to define my traveling companions, they are stained soldiers, they wanted to call themselves freedom fighters. They would become over time, my fighters in the East, not just in Afghanistan. From that first experience, so many have followed in that air of the Middle East, crossing the conflict between the long Lebanese civil war, the Palestinian atrocity, and the Gulf War.
From these experiences, the "Middle East Polygon" is the appropriate definition, for that geographic air, which becomes, and today is seen the most tragic consequences, the target in the war game. The great Western powers, especially the United States and its allies, Arab double-player regimes, are the proponents of a destabilization in that part of the world, which consequently also affects us. If, on the one hand, the wealthy countries of the Persian Gulf that with their oil have made their fortunes, they are also the main sponsors of all terrorist Islamic organizations. Al Qaeda first, ISIS then.
Will this tragedy ever end? (Francesco Cito)